Harvest Equipment

John Deere Combine Heads

Corn Heads

Opposed or Intermeshing Knife Stalk Rolls
Opposed Fluted Stalk Rolls
AutoTrac RowSense capable
Single-point latching system for fast easy hookup
Gathering chains designed for increased life
Cross auger provides unmatched crop handling capacity

The John Deere 600C Series line up of corn heads offer 6, 8, 12, 16 and 18 row options. These heads have several options for spacing from 20″” to 38″” depending on the number of row units. The 600C series of corn heads offer several great features like the Single-point latching system, 3 different options for stalk rolls, and gathering chains designed for increased life. Get hands-free harvesting in corn with AutoTrac™ RowSense™. This innovative approach fuses two systems. Sensors on the corn head provide instantaneous ground-level feedback about the position of the rows, while GreenStar AutoTrac continuously steers the combine. Together, they keep the combine harvesting accurately on-row in all conditions – around curves, in down corn, and even across grassy areas or waterways.

HydraFlex Platforms

Epicyclic knife drive increases drive capacity
HydraFlex cutterbar designed to eliminate grain loss
Cutterbar knife guards manufactured for high wear
HydraFlex float system improves operator control to match ground
Low-Profile pickup reel design allows gentle feeding of crops

The John Deere HydraFlex Platforms are available in 5 models, ranging from 20′-35′ widths. WIth HydraFlex technology you are able to run faster adn cut cleaner over uneven ground. The float arms with hydraulic cylinders give you six full inches of float. You can also adjust the float pressure from the cab to match changing ground conditions. For rigid operations, use the maximum pressure or you can use the mechanical lock-out brackets. The heavy-duty epicyclic drive boosts both drive capacity and reliability. These heads have a 26″ diameter auger with 5″ flighting and retractable fingers to aggressively grab a thick crop mat for smooth feeding into the feederhouse.

HydraFlex Drapers

Industry-exclusive HydraFlex technology
Double knife drive cutting system
16″ high-capacity feed drum
Two-piece reel – on the 640FD only
Draper belt protection system

The John Deere 600FD HydraFlex Draper series provide increased combine productivity in soybeans and other small-grain crops. Choose your size: 30-foot, 35-foot, or 40-foot, or new, wider 45-foot drapers give you 7.5 inches of flex across the cutterbar, so you can cut lower, move faster, and get the job done sooner … without sacrificing quality. These heads provide great features including reel resume and reverse, wide draper belt for excellent material handling, and hydraulically driven heavy-duty drive system. And with the new 645FD, you get an added 5 feet of productivity for up to 10% more acres harvested in a day. Plus, a wider center feed section allows 15% more crop into the combine.