John Deere Harvest Equipment



293 HP Engine, 250 bu Grain Tank


320 HP Engine, 300 bu Grain Tank


391 HP Engine, 300 bu Grain Tank


473 HP Engine, 400 bu Grain Tank


543 HP Engine, 400 bu Grain Tank

JDLink enabled features
250-400 bushel grain tanks
Spacious premium cab
AutoTrac RowSense capable
Folding grain tank covers/extensions
Header lineup
Transmission options
FT4 PowerTech PSS engine
High-speed unloading
Active Tailings System
Advanced Threshing Concept
EvenMax Cleaning System
Flexible residue management

There’s nothing better than a combine that runs smooth and in tune during harvest. This season, we’ve added some new notes to make the sound of intake even sweeter. New tough-threshing crop packages feature four components that work in concert to give you higher performance levels: 1) all-new Active Concave Isolation, 2) improved feeder house, 3) 8-wing accelerator, and 4) heavy-duty separator grates with two rows of interrupter bars. And to make sure we’re in sync with corn and bean growers, the new platform tilt option provides just the right cutter positioning in less than ideal conditions. Plus, with several corn head and draper options – up to 18 rows or 45 feet – you can enjoy the perfect tempo to match header and operation size.