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Ag Data Works

Precision Farming Packages

It’s always frustrating to purchase something and not know everything about it, or to find out later it could do more than you thought.  This could not be more true today in equipment with all the new buttons, monitors and even technology yet to come.  We want you to get the most for your money and the best way is providing your operators with one on one training with our instructors in the field.

Operator education and being more comfortable with the machine means more acres covered, greater performance and better results.  Call it what you want but we know that an educated customer is more than likely a satisfied customer.  Make sure with your next purchase you take advantage of our experts by adding a precision farming package.

With the purchase of a new or used piece of equipment you have the option to receive a Precision Farming Package.  These Precision Farming Packages include:

  • Phone Support
  • Priority Services (loaner display, receiver, etc.)
  • AMS Clinics – Training Events (Planter, Sprayer, and Harvest)
  • JDLink, Wireless Data Transfer, and support
  • Remote Display Access – if available
  • New technology equipment training
  • 1 Year subscription to Ag Data Works software package
  • 1 Year JD Link subscription


“I have benefited from the Ag Data Works full farm program by using variable rate with fertilizer and corn planting.  I also really like how they came out when we first started my planter to make sure everything was doing what it was supposed to do.  It has been great having Caleb scouting the crops to give me advice on when to spray certain chemicals as well!”  – Brian Coltharp – Coltharp Farms

“We had been collecting data for years before enrolling in Ag Data Works “full farm” service.  However, analyzing and implementing that information to make the proper choices is a daunting task. Working with the Ag Data Works team has enabled our operation to take our own history to make informed decisions about our future.” – Hunter Farms Inc.

Ag Data Works Whole Farm Agronomy

The Whole Farm Program is the pinnacle of farm management.  With our expertise we can help you make the most profitable decision for you operation.  The Whole Farm Program employs two people on your farm, a precision specialist and an agronomist, who work together to bring innovation and solutions to the real world challenges that your operation faces.  This offering combines our software and data services along with our mobile training center to ensure that your operators are the most educated in the field.  We will be hands on in the field with your operators to ensure your equipment is optimized to its full potential.

This is a start to finish program that will take all the hassle out of preseason planning, operator training and in-field scouting allowing you more time to focus on overall management strategies.  With our zone creation we will meet or exceed growers’ yield goals with 94% accuracy.  When compared back to yield data our proprietary satellite imagery is nearly 90% accurate.  With proven results, this program is a must have for any operation looking to maximize profits.

Contact us today to see how we can work for you.


“The combine clinic was a real beneficial refresher course.  The compaction clinic was really interesting.  We learned some valuable uses that we could implement in our farm operation.  I think all in all, it was definitely worth the time.” – Mako Nesler – Mako Nesler Farms

“I was really excited to hear about the different AMS programs that I think would be helpful to our farm.  We experienced walking around the combine, leaning new things; things that we typically don’t do but need to incorporate into our operation.” – Eric Mathis – Mathis Farms

“Today’s machines are very complex, we all need help learning the equipment as technology advances. The Ag Data Works team makes learning all the button pushes a lot easier as far as training us on the machines.  Not just that but showing us how the button pushes can aid in making decisions on my farm.” – Ed Bredniak – Labes, LLC.

Ag Data Works Software Package

Hutson offers the Ag Data Works software package to help provide growers with a complete software package for their operation.  From Record Keeping and Fertility to Data Management, we can work with you to manage your data.  Our team is local and available to meet one on one to set up your operation.  Give us a call to find out more.

From this tab you can view as applied data (spraying, nitrogen, fertilizer), planting data, soil samples, management zones, yield data, and saved prescriptions from multiple years. You have the ability to create variable rate planting and nitrogen prescriptions from this screen. Create a report that will tell you how much it will cost and the number of bags needed to plant each field. You can also view weather data and soil maps from the layers drop down. Finally, you can run over 20 different reports from this tab.

The fertility tab gives you the ability to create variable rate lime and fertilizer prescriptions. You can create prescriptions based on yield removal from previous years, soil test results, or run them both at the same time. Set Min, Max, and Switch Rates for each product. Apply a price and cost of application to each product. Run a report for variable rate vs flat rate application to know which application fits each field the best.

Keep track of harvest, spraying, soil sampling, planting, scouting, and other events in the records tab. Apply cost, products, profits, temperature, wind speed, equipment to the events. Easy to keep up with as each event is color coordinated.

Ag Data and Agronomy Services

  • Soil Sampling
  • Fertility and Variety Recommendations
  • Management Zone Creation
  • SMART Zones
  • Yield Data
  • Elevation
  • Surgo
  • Veris
  • In Season Crop Scouting
  • Generate Reports and Print Data Maps
  • Yield Data Analysis
  • Tissue Sampling
  • Variable Rate Seed Cards
  • Variable Rate NH3 Cards
  • Variable Rate Fertilizer Cards
  • Variable Rate Lime Cards
  • Manure Analysis and Recommendations