There’s nothing better than a combine that runs smooth and in tune during harvest. This season, we’ve added some new notes to make the sound of intake even sweeter. New tough-threshing crop packages feature four components that work in concert to give you higher performance levels: 1) all-new Active Concave Isolation, 2) improved feeder house, 3) 8-wing accelerator, and 4) heavy-duty separator grates with two rows of interrupter bars. And to make sure we’re in sync with corn and bean growers, the new platform tilt option provides just the right cutter positioning in less than ideal conditions. Plus, with several corn head and draper options – up to 18 rows or 45 feet – you can enjoy the perfect tempo to match header and operation size.
The John Deere 600C Series line up of corn heads offer 6, 8, 12, 16 and 18 row options. These heads have several options for spacing from 20″ to 38″ depending on the number of row units. The 600C series of corn heads offer several great features like the Single-point latching system, 3 different options for stalk rolls, and gathering chains designed for increased life.
Get hands-free harvesting in corn with AutoTrac™ RowSense™. This innovative approach fuses two systems. Sensors on the corn head provide instantaneous ground-level feedback about the position of the rows, while GreenStar AutoTrac continuously steers the combine. Together, they keep the combine harvesting accurately on-row in all conditions – around curves, in down corn, and even across grassy areas or waterways.
The new 8000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters have five all-new models, ranging from 375 to 616 horsepower, for season-long reliability, excellent cutting performance and more profitability. With an all-new design, the Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters deliver easier serviceability, improved crop flow and a best-in-class cab for all-day comfort and better visibility. They deliver a balance of power and efficiency to keep you chopping.

Not only will John Deere forage harvesters help you produce premium-quality silage, but they can be equipped with technology tools that will simplify and speed decision making, reduce operating costs and improve your bottom line.

Forage harvesters are complex machines. And John Deere is the only agricultural equipment manufacturer that designs and builds its own engines, drivetrains, hydraulics, cooling systems, electronics and telematics. We have a lot of experience with forage equipment, but we know that’s not substitute for making forage year after year. And that’s why we asked what you wanted.

With John Deere’s complete line of row-independent headers, there’s a match for every operation. Count on a large-drum cutterhead for high performance in dense, high-tonnage crops. Available in different options to fit tall, down, and short crops.