The new 900 Series models, 960 and 990, have a revolutionary design with features that will have you consistently making high-quality precut bales faster. Perfect for dairymen, cattlemen and commercial operators, this new lineup will give you higher performance and more uptime, while minimizing your cost of operation. Visit your local John Deere dealer and learn how the 900 Series can give you better bales in record time, everyday you’re in the field.
John Deere balers are made with one purpose: strengthening overall performance of customer productions. To do so, we creat3ed balers with only the strongest, most durable internal components. Our belief is when you make the core of the baler stronger, you end up with a machine that produces the best bales possible… each one tight, dense, perfectly shaped, and with a strong core of its own. The better the bale, the better you can preserve your high-quality hay. Ultimately, the strength of our bales help increase your livestock’s rate of gain, thereby strengthing your bottom line.
John Deere Disc Mowers are designed with speed in mind. Hook up is easy—a Quik-Coupler is available on the three larger models. To transport, with the optional hydraulic tilt cylinder, simply engage tractor hydraulics and the cutterbar swings up and locks into place. In the field, these disc mowers give you lots of protection. The multi V-belt drive can absorb sudden shock loads, plus the drive line is protected by a slip clutch (standard equipment). If you should catch a fence post or other immovable obstruction, the cutterbar has a “break-a-way latch” that lets the mower swing back to limit damage. These disk mowers are also designed for fast repairs. And if a disc is damaged, the affected quill assembly can be removed and replaced.
Consistent square bales start with a John Deere small square baler. No matter what you’re baling, they deliver dependable performance to help you get your hay in.
Any crop and any field. Count on a John Deere Mower-Conditioner to deliver a clean cut and speed drydown. 600 Series MoCo’s come with an unmatched 3-year cutterbar warranty
For commercial haymakers looking to shave a little time in the field, High-Capacity Wheel Rakes give you high-performance and consistency to tackle nearly any type of terrain. This piece of equipment lets the wheel lift cylinders retract in the storage position for easy use.
Thorough conditioning and speedy dry down equals high-quality hay. And for that, reach for a Frontier Hay Tedder to give you even distribution in all types of hay.