The John Deere 1890 No-Till Air Drill is an efficient no-till seeding tool. It features a John Deere-quality opener that was made to be a workhorse in tough no-till conditions. And now you can get even more done. Available with a tow behind or two between John Deere 1910 Commodity Cart.
To meet a wider range of seeding requirements, the 1990CCS is available in three different row-spacings. The 15-inch spacing model is available as a single rank design, while the 7.5- and  10-inch row spacing versions are dual rank machines.
Proper planting leaves no room for error. That’s why John Deere offers a wide range of planters that seed crops in the fastest and most efficient way possible, while keeping excellent seed placement accuracy. Each features MaxEmerge Row Units with VacuMeter for optimum reliability and accuracy.